Leros D.O.O. Belgrade

duni_logoLeros Ltd is the direct importer of Duni and Pal International programs. As you know, Duni is the European leader in the production of decorative programs for all kinds of celebrations, and Pal International is the leading company in the field of sanitary equipments for kitchen, according to HACCP standard.
In our program you can find all kind of napkins: 24×24, 30×30, 33×33, 40×40, 48×48, single, double, three and four layered, decorative napkin rolls and special kinds of exclusive napkins which are produced only by Duni.

We offer table skirts, pleated and self-adhesive, table tapes and tablecloths in several sizes and designs. We offer lace coasters, cutlery handles, ties for bottles, cooking caps, sanitary gloves, disinfectants, special program of catering packaging and accessories, as well as decorative candles and related program.

Leros company offers a special program of catering packaging and machines.