Catering Equipment

Duni catering equipment represents the best combination of quality, style, efficiency and price, and gives you the option to deliver food that preserves all the properties for your guests and clients. From the equipment we offer dishes for catering, plates, trays, cups, cutlery, etc.

Plates and cutlery
Duni high quality plates and cutleries are available in many different styles and sizes. We offer a wide selection of elegant plastic and paper plates, interesting boxes and bowls, trays, decorative paper trays, which improve the appearance of your food, and with whom it is easy to work with.

Plastic cups
Duni offers a wide range of PVC cups in different sizes and for different purposes: plastic cups for coffee and other hot drinks, plastic cups for drinks and beer, plastic champagne glasses, whiskey and other alcoholic beverages, as well as a plastic cup of fruit yogurt, shakes, yogurt with muesli, etc. PVC cups for dessert

Small details
They can provide you with great pleasure if you want to impress your guests. For example, you can serve dessert in plastic wine glass.

Duni Amuse – bouche program

Preparation and presentation of food are equally important for catering. Duni Amuse – Pumpkin program is available in 21 size and fits all needs, facilitating the use, meets the standards of cleanliness and highlights the beauty of your culinary creations.

Dishes, plates, utensils for catering

Duni offers a wide selection of elegant plastic and paper plates, boxes, bowls, trays … The products are available in many different styles and sizes, and have everything you need to enjoy your meal in style.

oprema za ketering

Duni Octaview

posude, tanjiri za ketering

Duni Octaview

Amuse bush – set for appetizer

Small portions of perfection – Duni Amuse – bouche is a line of small dishes, bowls and accessories specially designed for the appetizer.

ketering oprema Duni

Duni amuse bush

Duni Amuse bush

termo kutije za transport hrane

Duni termobox

ketering oprema beograd

Aluminijumske posude

Plastic cutlery

Plastic spoons, forks and knives are available in many different colors, styles and sizes.

ketering posudje

Eco, Libra, Victoria

plasti─Źni pribor za jelo

Flair, BBQ, Grand-Petit

plasti─Źne viljuske, nozevi, kasike

Duni ECO

On this page you can find part of the Duni offer, full range of Duni products you can find in catalogs. For more information you can contact us by phone +381 11 33 21 998.

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