Duni Napkins

Carefully selected napkins improve the image of the restaurant because the napkin is the first thing that guests see.

Duni Decorative Napkins
We offer a wide program of Duni paper napkins in many colors and designs.

Dunilin i Duni Elegance Lily napkins are made from quality materials that have the characteristics of textiles, weight and softness of cloth, without the need of washing and ironing.

Folding Table Napkins
A pocket or a work of art? With the help of video clips, in a few moves you can easily create the desired shape.

Duni Elegance Napkins
Made of material with the characteristics of textiles, excellent texture, with elegant and beautiful work of brilliance as the finest cloth.

Dunilin Napkins
They are characterized by great absorbency, made of material with the characteristics of textiles, soft touch, ideal for assembly.

Tissue Napkins
Constructed from pure, recycled materials, without chlorine, Duni paper napkins are printed in colors that are in accordance with the Food Safety Law.

Napkins folding

For more napkin folding videos click here.

Duni Elegance

duni salvete

Duni Elegance:
48×48 cm i 40×40 cm

salvete duni elegance

Duni Elegance
48×48 cm i 40×40 cm

Duni Dunilin

duni salvete dunlin

Duni Dunilin
40×40 cm

duni dunlin
Duni Dunilin
40×40 cm

Duni Tissue

papirne salvete

Duni napkins – unicolour

salvete od papira

Duni design
33×33 cm

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